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We are wholesale power consultants, representing some of the largest, most competitive suppliers of natural gas and electricity.

Discount Gas & Electricity

Save up to 10% to 15% or more on Natural Gas & Electricity in all deregulated states, now in California too.

Are you looking for wholesale power providers? Save money on your utility bill in select deregulated areas, where you have the power to choose your discount natural gas and discount electric providers.

Are you spending a fortune on your business utility bills? Would you like to save thousands of dollars on your natural gas bill? Would you like to receive wholesale electric and gas rates like the large corporations such as Walmart and other corporate accounts?

List of Deregulated States Served by Wholesale Power Brokers.
California PG&E Natural Gas & Electric Customers Can Now Save Too.

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Find out more about PG&E natural gas customers having a choice, and signup for PG&E gas savings now. Commercial PG&E customers can signup for wholesale electric savings in California at this time too! California discount electricity is available for the areas including PG&E, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Save 10% to 70% on your electric bill

Wholesale Electricity Available in Other States.

Well, the good news is now you can get wholesale rates on your business electric utility bills in deregulated states, just like the big guys do. Now, because of deregulation in the power industry, and through the buying power of Wholesale Power Brokers, we help businesses of all types and sizes to save money on their energy costs. You will not be locked into a long term contract. Get a free electric rate quote today. See which areas are currently available for wholesale electric power.

You have the power to choose your natural gas and electric provider.

Wholesale Power Brokers are energy consultants and a sales organization representing some of the largest, most competitive suppliers of natural gas and electricity today.

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Wholesale Power Brokers

Wholesale Power Brokers

  • Wholesale Power Rates
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • No Deposit
  • No Switching Costs
  • No Interruption of Service
  • No Catch
  • Save 10% to 70% on Electricity (depending on state)
  • Save up to 8% to 12% on Natural Gas Prices in CA
  • Now California Commercial Customers Can Save 10% to 15% or More on Electricity in PG&E, SOCAL Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric Service Areas
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