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Fuel Cells Generate Electricity to Power Your Business

Fuel Cells Produce Electricity Less Expensively for End Users

Fuel Cell Green Technology

Fuel Cells Green Tech

The Fuel Cell solution is an amazing green technology that is scalable for your company’s building(s), business, and large residential applications, and can be added on as your energy needs grow. One fuel cell “generates a combined 94,800 kWh of energy per year: 43,800 kWh of electricity and 51,000 kWh (equivalent to 175 MM BTUs per year of heat) of useable thermal energy. All of this, while reducing carbon emissions by 40%.” The fuel cell solution makes it ideal for not only producing electricity at significantly lower costs than the utility provides it to you, but the added benefit of generating useable heat can be of significant cost savings for domestic hot water, pool heating, and useable thermal heat for central or radiant-floor space heating. The units are designed to be scaleable, and meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses, commercial buildings, hotels, pool complexes, and even large residential usages for providing electricity and heat.

Fuel Cells Produce Electricity With Significant Cost Savings for End Users

Fuel Cell Info

Fuel Cell 11x More Productive Than Solar

The Fuel Cell is designed to operate with efficiency and cost savings in mind for the end user. “The Fuel Cell offers up to 90% efficiency and requires less fuel to generate an equivalent amount of energy as that from a traditional power plant. This kind of reduction in fuel usage exceeds the reductions required by some of the most stringent emissions legislation U.S., like the California‚Äôs Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32). These policies call for, and the Fuel Cell delivers an excellent climate change mitigation strategy for any business that requires a change to meet political, public or their internal efficiency objectives.” The Fuel Cell is 11x more productive than Solar power, and cuts CO2 emissions by over 1/3.

Fuel Cell Power Backup Systems – Server Room Backup Systems

Additional fuel cell products and systems include a system for protecting against power failures up to the mid range computer server sized rooms. Systems include dual modules or multiples of, with battery backups. We know, the natural gas grid is less likely to go down than the electricity grid. This puts the Fuel Cell in an excellent position to be a much better system than having diesel generators that have to be maintained or turned on regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. With the Fuel Cell, there is no lag time on turn on. It is running all the time, and adding cost savings in the form of electricity production. Additional configurations are available to protect against power outages for mission critical electric systems within buildings and other commercial applications.

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Fuel Cells Output Electricity and Provide Heat Generation

Fuel Cells the Power of Two

The Fuel Cell is about the size of an upright refrigerator. Get more technical information, contact us today.

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